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Land Contract

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If you have some experience with Microsoft Excel, this tool is easy and fun to use.

This is a genuine Financial Police® calculator for tracking a loan. Pay for it easily via secure PayPal. A PayPal account is not required. Credit Cards are accepted securely there. You may then download the program immediately.

Is producing an accurate, highly detailed, loan history report including the payoff and APR, with the click of one button, worth $99 bucks?

Ammortization Schedule

TIP: A Contract for Deed, Installment Contract, Conditional Sales Contract and an Agreement of Sale are different names for a Land Contract.

Track Payments and More

Regardless of the written contract name, our Excel calculator is for tracking the money part — a 1-40 year, fixed rate, monthly payment loan amortization schedule. It is high quality loan software. It is easy to use, very accurate and helps you protect your real money.

APR calculation is included as well as many other rich features.

Our Land Contract Calculator is primarily used for real estate loans between two private parties.

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It's Your Money

Let your Attorney handle the legal part of the contract and you take charge of the money part. We are confident you will find our Land Contract software worth every penny and more...

Land Contract Calculator

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